Overview tour of Tbilisi

4 hours


Taking into account the success indicators, the further development of various forms of activity determines the high demand for prioritizing the mind over emotions. It is pleasant, citizens, to observe how many famous personalities highlight extremely interesting features of the picture as a whole, but the specific conclusions, of course, are objectively considered by the relevant authorities.

I want to tell you how we went on a burning tour. I called the tour agency and asked for the cheapest tour to Georgia, I needed a flight, we were not going to live in a hotel. The operator promptly offered several options for departure from Tomsk and Novosibirsk. We agreed, Olga immediately sent the contract by mail, paid for it, and received the documents. All in one day and even in the office did not have to go, all by mail. Thank you for your promptness and good rest.

Natalia Savenkova, Novosibirsk

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